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Yoga Anytime is a community of yogis dedicated to the global sharing of the teachings of yoga. Our purpose is to assist the yogi’s Self Realization. We so hope you’ll join us.

Each of us is already connected to the Source from where all the teachings of yoga emerge. We already have access. We are here to help each other realize this fact.

The techniques or practices of yoga - the stretching, bending, twisting, breathing, sitting and chanting – are all designed to help free us from the tensions that are preventing us from feeling this interconnection.

These tensions are most easily seen and felt in the body. They root much deeper as knots in our hearts and minds. The yoga teacher’s primary role is to assist the yogi in finding and loosening these tight spots. The result is a sense of freedom, ease, and belonging.

We are in this together. These teachings only occur in relationship, and we would love for to you be a part of our community.

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WE are all in this together and I so appreciate this connection with others. I'm enjoying teaching yoga in my northeast Ga. community. Your site is a tremendous support to me! Thanks for all the wonderful information that all of you share.
Dearest Dana, so glad you are here! Please stay close and let us know what you are discovering through the teaching of yoga. xok
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I am currently on a trial subscription and am loving this site so much that I will definitely be signing up. I have done trials on various different yoga sites, yet as a teacher of yoga, find this one to be unique. The information is remarkably rich. Thank you!
I have been practicing yoga for a number of years but currently find myself at least 40 minutes from the nearest studio. This site has been a blessing for me, and is well worth the money. Thanks to all the instructors and Web folks for being there for me!
This is so simply and beautifully written. YogaAnytime truly creates the opportunity for communion.   : )

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