Homebound During COVID19: Tips for Staying Calm, and Making the Best of the Quarantine


Stressed? Bored? Both? Same.

Most of us are quarantining at home during this difficult and uncertain time. For some of us that means schooling children, working from home, finding a space to exercise, or all three. Some are not working, and wondering what to do now. We can’t go to our favorite restaurants, work out at gyms, or meet up like we used to. Not only is it stressful, but it can also get boring, and an unfocused mind gets even more stressed.

Feels a bit like we’re on a roller coaster we can’t get off of. And didn’t want to be on in the first place. We at Yoga Anytime are also experiencing the pressure of our changed routines and environments, and, like you, are working everyday to adjust. We’ve discovered there are things we can do besides worry, in addition to washing our hands, and instead of bingeing TV (no shame). Here are some ideas to help cope with our current reality, and to maintain a calmer, more nourishing, and more entertaining home environment while we adapt to self-quarantine.


Spring is here, and what says Springtime more than Spring Cleaning? Now you have time for a deep cleaning, especially areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning will also help sanitize your home space, to prevent further spread of germs.

Start/Finish Projects

  • Organize: Declutter your closet, empty out and organize the pantry and fridge, arrange old photos into albums, pull some weeds. An organized space helps the mind think more clearly.
  • Repair: Replace that old grout around the bathtub, repot plants, repaint a room, fix a wobbly chair or table. Fixing things will feel good.
  • Help your housemates: Whether it’s your kids, roommates, parents, or partner, start a schedule for chores, cooking, and cleaning to make sure work is evenly distributed and no one is getting overwhelmed.

Learn Something New

Learn to knit, learn a new language, learn piano, learn to code, learn to sprout seeds! This is a great time to get started on that thing you’ve always been curious about.

Make Things

Bake pies, cakes, or bread, write a poem, make a vision board, ask your roommate to pose for a portrait, or do a self-portrait if you live alone. Being creative is stimulating and helps reduce stress.

Embrace Playtime

Put on some music and color. Set up a card table and do some puzzles, or play card or board games, build a fort out of couch cushions and blankets. No kids required to re-connect with your inner child. If you do have kids, this can be a good opportunity to reinforce good hygiene habits, and to connect with them on a deeper level.

Keep Moving

Be sure to exercise everyday. Take a walk, jump some rope, feel the burn with some vintage aerobics videos, or just roll out your yoga mat.

self care

In addition to eating right, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep, take some time to check in with yourself daily. Do some journaling in the morning or evening, read a book, take a bubble bath, or learn self massage. You are your own best friend. Take care of you.

stay connected

Hard times are when we lean on our friends and loved ones the most. While we are all practicing social distancing, we may begin to feel isolated with less access to this physical support. Pick up the phone, write an email, or keep in touch via social media.

be part of the solution

If you can, check in on folks who are more vulnerable right now, like the elderly and disabled, and offer to help them get food and supplies they might need. If you have your hands full, here are some organizations who are stepping up their aid programs to help those in need.

Some things I've been doing

  • I signed up for one of our yoga challenges, because this is a great opportunity for me to create the daily practice I’ve always wanted. I have my morning tea, then I roll out my mat, and I do that day’s challenge video before work. I make sure to soak up the entire Savasana before I jump up and start my day.
  • Even though I’m working from home, I try to wear something other than PJs during work hours, which I am finding brings some normalcy back.
  • A roommate and I drink wine and work on jigsaw puzzles together.
  • I rearranged my shoes in my closet, and my teas in my tea cabinet.
  • I am cooking more, prioritizing getting outside everyday, scrupulating my houseplants’ every move (this doesn’t take much time), and I’ve restarted a couple of books I had laid aside.

I’m still bingeing too much TV and eating too much chocolate, but I have been calling my mom more often.

We’re all in this together. Share with us what you’re doing to de-stress and have fun during the quarantine by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!

About the Author

Elizabeth Meriwether

Elizabeth is a yogini and musician from NYC living among the palm trees in La-La Land. She is curious about everything, goes all-out at karaoke, loves to ride her bike really fast by the ocean and to sit really still in meditation.


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