Holiday Gift Guide for Yogis

The holidays are around the corner! That means it's time to start moving items out of your loved ones' Wish Lists and into your Shopping Cart. We've compiled 10 great ways to show the Yogi in your life how much you love them. Read on, and Happy Holidays!

1. Outfit Their Home Yoga Space

With each other’s health and well-being in mind, many are practicing at home now. The right set of yoga props can make a big difference in a yogi’s practice. Here are a few things that will support your yogi all year long:

  • A new yoga mat is a fresh, new space for your yogi to bring their practice into.
  • A yoga strap is helpful for accessing tight areas.
  • They'll need a couple of yoga blocks - we like the stability and lightness of cork.
  • Wrap and support your yogi with a new yoga blanket.
  • A bolster is an essential prop for Restoratives and meditation.

2. Soothe their Anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, yogis suffer from anxiety just as much as anyone, possibly more. These ideas can help:

  • If your yogi is lucky enough to have access a bath tub, these special epson salts may ease emotional difficulty.

  • Gravity blankets are all the rage, because their weighted properties can help calm anxiety, quiet a restless body, and achieve more restful sleep.

  • Studies have shown that "the sense of smell plays an important role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and working capacity.” We love these pretty essential oils, and Nag Champa incense.

3. Cozy 'em up

Bundle your yogi up in something warm, soft, and comfortable this winter:

  • Nothing is cozier than a beautiful Pendleton Blanket. We are partial to the National Parks line, but check out all their blankets to make sure the design matches your yogi.
  • Can anyone really have enough sweatpants? We love the soft, cozy, light feel of these joggers. The hardest part will be choosing a color. They look cute oversized or fitted.
  • Wrap up those hard-working yogi legs with these '80's neon leg warmers.

4. Help Organize Their Home

Very little frees the mind more than a clean space, and we love the The KonMari Method™ of choosing what is resonating with the Now. This book is a how-to manual to saying goodbye to clutter. A label maker will help organize anything from spices to prescriptions to cosmetics. A pretty basket is just the thing for collecting laundry, toys, or magazines, while being stylish and stow-able.

5. Mask them Up

Effective and stylish, Athleta and Beyond Yoga carry masks designed for the active yogi in your life. Or support boutique makers with these yoga-inspired masks available on Etsy.

6. nestle into a good book

If your yogi pal is like us, they may have more alone time than usual this holiday season. It's a great opportunity to catch up on reading. Whether they want to nestle into a classic novel, check out a new biography, or explore the increasingly popular true crime genre, here are some reading gifts just in time for cozying in for the holidays:

  • Join one of our most beloved teachers, Ravi Ravindra, on a journey through history and theology in his book Yoga of the Christ. (Check out the Yoga of the Christ course now available only on Yoga Anytime!)
  • Your friend can save trees and time by downloading their favorite books onto their new Kindle eReader.
  • Round out the reading experience with the this practical and entertaining mug which will appeal to any yogi book nerd.

7. Lift the Mood with Song

OK, we're not all born singers. But studies show that singing lifts spirits and reduces anxiety and stress. This Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone will delight both the shower singer and the frustrated performer in your life. Talent not included.

8. Find them new non-human friends

If your special yogi has all the human friends they need (like you!), consider an animal companion. Pets bring joy and reduce loneliness, and so many wonderful pets need good homes. On, you can find the perfect doggy, kitty, or iguana companion for your pal. Allergies? Send them a potted plant! Plants provide an opportunity to nurture and brighten the room.

9. Donate to a Cause in Their Name

Feeling uncertain about getting the wrong gift? Consider donating to a cause in your yogi’s name. The ASPCA, Doctors Without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity are just a few organizations that offer gift-giving donations.

10. Yoga Anytime Gift Certificate

Of course, the ultimate gift for the yogi in your life, in our esteemed opinion, would be a gift certificate to Yoga Anytime. It never goes out of style, they can do it in the comfort of their home, and they don't have to water it.

Happy giving!


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Love this!! I make Mountain Zen Candles and I always have one burning on an altar during practice.  Affordable & ethically handmade in Colorado. 

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