How do I add a class to "My Queue"?

To add a class to My Queue, follow these steps:
Go to the video page of the class you want to add to your queue. Below the video player, click the + Queue button. There is also an x in the upper right corner of each video in your playlists if you wish to remove a video.
To view your queue, go to My Playlist > My Playlist > My Queue.

In this view, you can change the order of the classes in the playlist by clicking the Re-Order This List button.

Finding My Queue on Mobile

In the menu, go to My Videos > My Queue.

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On mobile (iPhone): I have added classes to my queue, they show as "in queue" on the class -- however "My Queue" is empty.
Hi Sherri Clearlake! I'm not sure what's happening, but have submitted your question to Ted on our technical team. Thank you for being here! xok
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Thanks. It seems to be fixed now. When I logged in this morning they were there. I wonder if there was a lag between my phone and the main server.
Okay, great to hear! Thanks, Sherri!

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