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How do we learn the pronunciation of Kundalini chants?
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Sally, that's a great question. Of course, one way is to listen and sing along with the teacher. I will also make sure Elizabeth sees your question. She is on the yoga team and practices Kundalini regularly. Thank you for being here. Love, Kira
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Hi, Sally!  In the Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge we have inserted subtitles into the episodes when there are chants so that you can read and chant along.  Sukhdev, the teacher, also explains how to pronounce them during the episodes.  

In addition, both the Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge and our show Kundalini Rising have accompanying pdfs that you can download (located) under the video of each episode) which have the chants on them.  And the teachers walk you through the pronounciations during the episodes.

I hope this helps!  Thanks for being here!! Sat Nam!

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