How do I download a video to watch it offline?

Screen displayed above is from an iOS device
Downloading Yoga Anytime videos is a great feature for those who are traveling without an internet connection, or for those who have better access to data and higher internet speeds during specific times of the day.
This feature is available to members with both iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices.
With iOS devices, you can download up to thirty Yoga Anytime videos at a time for offline viewing. For Android devices, the maximum is twenty videos at a time.
Download the Yoga Anytime iOS App
To get started, download the Yoga Anytime app from the App store. Then, open the app and log into your Yoga Anytime account. For more information on how to use our iOS app, click here.
Download the Yoga Anytime Android App
For Android users, download the Yoga Anytime app from the Google Play store. Then, open the app and log into your Yoga Anytime account. For more information on how to use our Android app, click here.
If you are not a Yoga Anytime member, you can sign up for an account here.
Downloading Videos (iOS and Android)
Once you have located the video you wish to download, iOS users can click the Cloud Icon (blue square with a cloud inside of it) underneath the video to download the video.
On Android devices, click the downward pointing Arrow Icon that says 'Download'.
You can view all of your downloaded videos anytime by clicking on the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen. While there is a limit on the amount of videos you can download at a time, you are able to delete the videos out of your downloads in order to swap them for other videos. To delete a video, swipe left on the video (within your Downloads list).
All of the downloaded videos will stay on your device as long as you are logged into the app and are a member of Yoga Anytime. If you log out of the app our cancel your membership with Yoga Anytime, your videos will be removed from your downloads.
A Note For Those with Restricted Data Plans: When downloading videos, we recommend going to an internet cafe or other location that offers WiFi. This will allow you to download our videos without counting against your data plan.
Please contact us here if you have any questions or feedback. We hope this feature makes it easier for you to enjoy our videos!
Image Gallery:
Once the download Cloud (or Arrow) icon is selected, click 'Download'.
Please wait for download to be completed before exiting the app.
The download bar shows the video's download progress.
Once the video has been downloaded, it will say 'Ready'.
Swipe left to delete any downloaded video.
Deleting videos frees up space to download more. The maximum allowed at one time varies from 20-30 videos (depending on the device type ie: iOS or Android).

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Thank you for offering me this feature and I will certainly try this.

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