Video Player Issues

What can I do if the video isn't playing correctly?

Video player shows black screen or error message

  1. Try a different web browser
  2. You may have a browser plug-in problem. Try switching to a different web browser, such as trying Safari or Chrome if you are currently using Firefox.

Video starts and stops

There are a few reasons this may be happening.
  1. Your computer may need to be restarted
  2. The computer or device may be running too many programs or processes and can not process the video quickly. Restarting your computer may help.
  3. You May be Too Far Away from Your Wifi Router
  4. Often the issue is your computer or device may be too far away from your WiFi router. Try moving physically closer to your WiFi router.
  5. Your Internet Connection Might be Too Slow
  6. Generally, the best option to select is Auto as that setting will detect your internet speed and adjust the video quality accordingly. However, if your video is starting and stopping, we recommend trying streaming in other quality levels. To do so, hover your mouse towards the bottom of the video player screen and a long black bar will appear.
    Click the HD button on the black bar. Select 404p, 478p, 720p, or 1080p as your video quality setting.
    The minimum bandwidth we suggest for streaming videos is 15 mbps.
    HD Button
  7. You May Have Lost Your Internet Connection
  8. Another possibility is your internet connection may have gone down temporarily. Pleas trying Refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, try visiting another website to confirm you have an internet connection.

Need More Help?

If you continue to experience video play issues after tying the above, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.


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