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Season 2 - Episode 3

Your Toes Know

45 min - Practice


Bex guides us in a practice that focuses on our feet and the strength and stability in our legs. We begin with a seated meditation to gather our energy before moving into some fancy footwork to open and stretch the toes. You will feel inspired and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

About This Video


Welcome, I'm Becks and we are gonna do a sequence for your feet with lots of fun, so, you can start in vajrasana with your inner ankles touching, sitting on your heels, or grab a block...


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This was a great practice. My feet do so much for me and I often neglect them. Thank you and thanks for always starting with a meditation. I really enjoy your practices.
Thanks Shelley, may your feet continue to be grounded and spread the love to the toes!
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Thank you Rebecca! It feels amazing, earth and water :)
loveLove love love your practice robin
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I am so grateful thank you
Feet happiness thanks bex!
Love love love
i forget how much i love this practice

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