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Season 1 - Episode 2

Do Your Yoga

30 min - Talk


You are the power of the cosmos arising as pure intelligence and utter beauty. Mark speaks on Krishnamacharya's principles of yoga and how we can infuse these traditions into modern day yoga to enjoy an intimate connection with life itself.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 02, 2016
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Mark, Your sharing reminds me of this. Would love to hear your feedback. Looking forward to practicing with you.
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This is awesome!!!! So great to be connected with you here too, dear Mark. Thank you internet. Thank you modern technology. So looking forward to more to come! Much love from all of us in Japan :) xoxo
Just blown away by this talk. I just ordered your book, Mark. Looking forward to exploring these ideas with you. This has really struck a chord with me.
Just came back to this talk today. So powerful. Such simple, profound principles that we need to embrace! Principles that we are invited to let go into... falling into love, into yoga...
Thanks Mark for finding Yoga Anytime. I attended your workshop on saturday at Dune Lakes Lodge and it's been lovely to follow up with your wise words. I love your analogy of playing an instrument being like playing the body and breath through yoga. Thanks for passing on the teachings to Emma Warmington and therefore to me through a teacher training that changed my life!
I have been exploring these principles in my practice and sharing them in my teaching. Just got some very positive feedback from a student today - she's going to sign on to this website and check out the deep wisdom from Mark! I just sent her the link...

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