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Season 1 - Episode 4

Get Your Spirit Moving

25 min - Practice


Bex welcomes us to the mat with a short 2-minute meditation to quiet our minds before moving us into a dynamic vinyasa sequence designed to get the heart and spirit moving. We bake the feeling in with a sequence of seated postures that leave us bright and clear.
What You'll Need: Mat

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(waves crashing) Welcome, I'm Bex, and this is a quicky, shine and glow sequence. So come to a comfortable seated position on your mat and settle in, close your eyes. When you close yo...


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I enjoyed this. I appreciate starting with a meditation. Even with a 25 quick practice like this I always appreciate a little stillness to start things off.
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Nice start to my day today, Bex. and good to see you again even on my computer. We'll be in Corte Madera in May, so i'll see you live!! In the meantime, I like this method of connection! Thanks!
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Great sequence, Bex! Just what the doctor ordered today!
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Thanks Bex! Love being able to take your class! It felt great!
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Great class. Thanks Bex!
That was fun! Bless you Bex.
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My fave video so far on Yoga Anytime. The pace is great (moving, but not too fast, not too slow), lots of variety, great sequencing ideas. You do a lot in 25 min!
Wow, thanks everyone for moving your body and lovely to hear you like the class.
Practicing with you always makes me happy
Missing you live in class and thrilled you are virtually with me!
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