Bend It Like Bex Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Core Balance

35 min - Practice


Can we find strength and balance without gripping? We begin with a 3-minute meditation to land before finding some strength on the mat. Bex then leads us through an effective and fun play of standing balancing postures challenging our core stability and inspiring humor.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

About This Video


(waves crashing) Welcome I'm Bex and this practice is about balance. Moderation in everything. So begin by coming to a comfortable seated position if sitting's not comfortable for you ...


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Wonderful class…would LOVE a 60-75 minute class incorporating this moves and more!! Bex, you are fabulous!
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i did this class immediately after 'get your spirit moving'.. a couple of the same poses but I felt good at the end. I really like the ab work in this class, even if just a short portion.
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Fantastic sequence and very grounding. My body feels alive! Bex, your words are inspiring. Taking the "happy in muddy waters" with me today. Many thanks.
Bex, your words inspire me too. "The best you can be is to be you. And that is all that is needed" is the mantra I'm working toward. Thank you and namaste.
Wonderful opening practice thanks
miss having you in class live, love knowing we are together somewhere in the universe...xo
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I miss being in your class but I'm delighted to practice with you almost every day
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Love love love to practice with you
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A practice that empowers
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This is a wonderful practice. Balance is difficult for me but I got through the one knee up, and used blocks for half split. Great core work, and no issue with my low back. Grateful for your teaching🌾
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