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Season 1 - Episode 9

Unshouldering the Burden

30 min - Practice


Release what you are shouldering. Bex meets us on the mat with a short 3-minute meditation. We then flow into a sequence with extra attention on opening the shoulders with a strap. We end in meditation. Your will feel open and available.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap

About This Video


(water washes) Welcome. I'm Bex and this is a shoulder sequence so you'll wanna have a strap or if you have a very long towel you can place that at the top of your mat. For now though,...


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Great sequence. I've has shoulder issues from years of capoeira and this video is my new rehab. Thanks. Bex!
Thanks...Love this shoulder release session...Glad you are enjoying it Warriorsaint!!
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My shoulders, especially my right, are extremely tight, feels quite difficult currently but good at the same time. Great sequence!! Looking forward to it becoming easier ;) Thanks a ton!
Keep on keeping on Joe, opening up the shoulders leads to an OPEN heart and ease in movement!
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Love this sequence Bex - it is a perfect for releasing my computer shoulders at the end of a busy day!
I discovered this practice today thanks Rebecca
What a blessing to practice with you Rebecca

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