Body Poetry: Nervous System Lecture
Kristin Leal

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I really appreciate how you break this down. And thanks for the laugh (PNS) 😹
heeheehee Jenny thanks!
This tutorial was helpful. You are really easy to listen to. Thank you.:)
Thank you so much for listening Faye and for your kind words!
Thank you! I miss your easy-to-understand explanations, but how great to rewind and listen again.
Thanks Melissa ! So happy to have you here!
I always appreciate the non-demonizing approach to looking at things, which is inherent in the system in balance. Lack of balance is the only real culprit. That puts the agency in the yogi/yogini which is where it needs to be.
So beautifully said Caroline ! I totally agree:)
Beautifully explained. You know how to captivate your audience! Fascinating area of study. Thank you for this meaningful orientation.
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oh my gosh Kate you're the sweetest!! Thanks for being here!
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