20 Minute Yoga Flows: Fluid Spine Flow
Sarah Beston

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This was such a yummy class Sarah! I really enjoyed this flow sequence. Your voice and guidance are incredibly soothing and I am always smiling at the end.  So much gratitude. 
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I love all your practices Sarah…this one felt particularly juicy and was the perfect way to start the week. I’ve said it many times but I am always amazed at the transformative power of yoga in just 20 minutes!
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Thank you so much for practicing with me and for sharing your experience, Fern S! Wishing you a beautiful week! Warmly, Sarah
I'm so happy to hear, Jenny S! You've inspired me to roll out my own mat and practice for 20 minutes ... it can really change the entire day!
Great practice! Thanks, Sarah! Regards!
Thank you Sarah! every time is a pleasure to find your guide on the mat! wish you could feel the energy, the good energy, from all over the world coming back to you! Life is a better experience if shared with others! :)
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Just what my body was calling for and exactly what my mind and spirit needed.  Although I practice alone  I never feel alone in your practices Sarah.  🙏 
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Twisty twisty goodness! 
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Wonderful practice! I'm so grateful to be able to practice with you. Cheers
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I felt my back open like a rose in full bloom and tension around my neck and shoulders ease. As I did my lion's breath all the negative thoughts and emotions were expelled. Great way to start a busy day. Namaste.
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