20 Minute Yoga Flows: Fluid Spine Flow
Sarah Beston

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Hi Sarah, Great practice to wake you up and get you on your way!
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Thanks for sharing and for checking out this practice with me, Sandra Židan! Wishing you a lovely weekend. Warmly, Sarah
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Such a beautiful sentiment Francesca Venturini ... life is better when shared with others. So true and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing and for practicing with me here. Warm regards, Sarah
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I love this M Angela C ... "Although I practice alone I never feel alone." That is so lovely to hear and I feel the same way when I practice. We are all connected and in this together. Hope to practice together soon!
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Martha K—I love twisting practices! Happy to be practicing together here!
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Robin J—grateful to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime! Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
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Namaste, Glenford N! I always love your poetic descriptions of the practices. Thanks so much for sharing!
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Hi Robin! Thanks so much for sharing and for practicing with me here! Glad this one got you on your way! 
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Glenford N I agree with Sarah Beston ! Your poetic description of the practice was beautiful! Thank you Sarah for another delicious flow. The perfect start to my weekend : )
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Perfection! Thank you, Sarah. With only 20 min to spare before waking my kids for school, I got what I needed. Feel strong and grounded and ready for the morning. Appreciate these 20 min flows! Thanks again, Shawn
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