Yin Yoga: Begin to Yin
Kira Sloane

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Did all 5 seasons. Starting back from the beginning to get a picture of how far I come
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Such a gorgeous introduction. Thank you. 
Stacy S, glad you are here! xok
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Just what my body was calling for this morning. Thank you, dear Kira!
Neat shoulder stretch in particular. I was on the edge with my right side, but made some micro-movements to alleviate tensions. Excited to move through your two seasons. I have experienced the benefits of every yin practice immediately. I woke up stiff this morning, but after this I was ready to do a fast-paced practice. Thanks! 
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David Goldstein, wonderful news! Warmly, K
The instructions and the practice were so soothing. Thank you so much.
Sumana Ramanan D, so happy to hear. Thank you for being here. - K
Kira - I love these yin videos you've created and shared here. I did my 200hr training at 8 limbs in 2013 and am now living and teaching yoga in Norway. Your classes here continue to inspire my teachings and my practice and I just wanted to say thank you. Love. 
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Kira, Can I do this on my bed?
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