Yoga for Trauma: Safe Space Meditation
Kyra Haglund

Watch this Practice
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While it can be uncomfortable when that happens, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Triggers can offer us an opportunity to see where we might want to try or continue doing some deeper work with our own therapist or counselors. They can also be an opportunity to remind us that we have the power to choose not to do things that don’t work for our systems. I’m glad you listened to yourself and stopped what wasn’t working for you.

Thank you again for voicing your experience here. I’m guessing that it will probably validate other’s experience and remind us all that there is not one ‘right’ way to healing. If you’d like to discuss a little further, feel free to Direct message me. I’d be more than happy to communicate.

Warmly, Kyra.
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Like Christina I found this difficult. I was in a bad space this morning when I went to it and I cried really hard. But I didn't stop as I felt it was nelping to try and stay in the space. I imagined my therapist and her room which has become my 'safe space' of choice at the moment (it took a few years!) . Thank you Kyra Haglund . I will return to it and know I'm getting stronger the less it troubles me.
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Wonderful guided meditation - Thank You!
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At first my lower back was really tight in response but it eased a bit
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i couldn't find my safe space, I kept imagining different caves but became frustrated at myself for not being able to find one where I could rest and be at peace.
Jody, I understand that same feeling of frustration myself. I hope you can allow yourself the space (and compassion) as you continue this practice, frustration and peace alike. You've got this within you, my friend. xo
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Wow. When you said to see how the body felt, I had some spasms or trembles just suddenly come out of me. It was very new for me and I do think some releases were actually happening! Thank you so much.
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