Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Yoga: Water
Melina Meza

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That was just so juicy and lovely. Definitely a new favorite! Thank you!
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That was my favorite so far. I love three part session: novel practice, fantastic Savasana, and then the “solid” closing meditation. The good news is that I can’t do a handstand, so I am stuck here on this episode. And now I have a challenge to figure out how to do a handstand, wall abated first.
This practice was so calming. Love to you all. Namaste🙏🏻
Thank you! I’m at the beach an it’s a full moon tonight-such a perfect practice. I so enjoy your flow; grateful 😊 
Thank you! It's amazing how moving slowly can sometimes create so much heat. It's always interesting to return to a practice. Three months was a lifetime ago.  
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