30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 18: Test Your Balance
Robert Sidoti

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Balance is just not possible for me since my arches fell.   Half moon is only possible with my hand on a block, warrior 3 is not possible without leaning on a wall.  I like the plank, but to raise both a leg and arm is too painful on my wrists, any suggestions to modify appreciated.  Not my best session, but always grateful for your support💮🌾
Howdy Joan  - Sounds like this session exposed some of your 'weak' or trouble zones, we all have them and yoga is VERY good at exposing them :) As far as your wrists go in side plank - have you tried keeping your knee down - do it on your forearm - change the position of where your hand is located, doesn't have to always be directly below your shoulder as we teachers suggest - done in moderate ways it can over time strengthen your arms, shoulders etc and feel better eventually! 
You did say “sunny” a few times... 😩 winter here but I did enjoy this practice, my second challenge and I can see some improvements 🙂 The third one might be “perfect” 😂 Why don’t you record another one?? It helps to show up each day not wondering about a video to choose 🙏
Hey there my friend Ch Marie d’I !! Yes, winter is upon me here as well on the East coast of the states - not my favorite time of year. I'm so glad this challenge is working well for you and that you are seeing and feeling progress!! Yes agreed, a 3rd challenge could be great for those of you who've done these challenges a few times! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day!! 
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Feeling so good to have stayed with it...and really aware of the difference in my flexibility and my balance,, as well as the emotional benefits. Many thanks from the heart, body and soul ♥️
I got distracted by the sea... and fell while doing the plank with leg and arm up ;)) So I did some stretching to finish the 20’... will have to do D18 again tomorrow. But this challenge is great 🙏
Hello and Namaste Angie P :)) Thank you for sharing this sweet comment, so nice to hear! Many many thanks back to you from my heart :) Robert
Hey hey hey Ch Marie d’I  - long time no respond from me, my apologies! Sounds like you've been very busy practicing, love to see your comments and sharings of your experiences on the mat, thank you!! 
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