The Self Care Challenge: Day 5: Be Your Own Medicine<br>Kelly Sunrose

The Self Care Challenge: Day 5: Be Your Own Medicine
Kelly Sunrose

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Kelly Sunrose
Brenda S So much good stuff in your comment! Thank you for writing. For me, coffee is first and foremost about enjoyment; when I am drinking coffee, I am completely present to coffee. That said, I just got some very clear feedback that it was time for a break and I'm now enjoying my no-coffee time immensely. Right now, I do my oil pulling while I boil the water for my lemon-water and tea.

I think the most important rhythm is the one that works for you, understanding that it will change with the seasons and with your awareness. 

The awareness around communication is such a game-changer! Your insights around *the feeling* were so familiar to me. YES. Holding ourselves in gentleness when drawing attention to those moments is very important. 

Thank you for sharing! Kindly, Kelly
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