Good Morning Yoga: Energize and Ground
Alana Mitnick

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Another beautiful practice Alana. I am really enjoying this series. Thank you!
Wonderful, Ali H! So happy to know that you are enjoyed this series. Stay close and keep me posted on your Yoga journey. Warmly, Alana 
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So happy that you enjoyed this practice, Tracy C! Wishing you a beautiful weekend! Love, Alana 
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Awesome class. I have been struggling with tight hips and hamstrings. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.
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Hey Alina: Loved that "float up" cue. That is effective to remind us of being light. I was sore all over (moving boxes) and so this morning's practice was super effective to bring my body back to homeostasis. Thanks!!! 
Bri Fink, So great to hear! Glad you enjoyed the class. I hope your hips and hamstrings are feeling good. Warmly, Alana 
Hi David G-, I admire your dedicated yoga practice! It's amazing how effective it is as targeting the physical body and so much more... inviting a sense of inner calm, balance, and spaciousness. I'm glad you found the cue helpful. Great to know. Warmly, Alana 
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Hi Alana, I did the practice last thing at night to calm down and relax after a busy day crunched over my laptop. Feeling more centered and ready for a good night's sleep. Namaste.
Glenford N I’m so glad to hear that you felt more centered after the practice. I hope you slept well! Namaste, Alana 
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