30 Minute Yoga Flows: Supple Spine
Sarah Beston

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Welcome to Yoga Anytime, Silvia B! So happy to be practicing with you here. Please keep me posted on your journey. Warmly, Sarah
Loved that. Thank you.
I’m so happy to hear, Catherine! Thank you for practicing with me here. 
thank you so much Sarah. i really enjoy your classes and loved finding Dancing Camel. I have always found camel a bit uncomfortable but this was an easeful way to move in and out of it x
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Thanks for practicing with me, Leesa N! I am with you 100% on Camel Pose and also find dancing camel so much more accessible in my body. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
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That practice was so delicate and so beautifully put together. Thank you. I really enjoyed it.
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It's a pleasure to be practicing with you here, Hortensia G! Thank you for sharing your experience with this sequence and please stay close. Warmly, Sarah
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