Flow Sweet Flow: Peaceful Flow
Linda Baffa

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Silvia awe you are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your feedback and so glad you enjoyed the practice!!
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Thank you Linda, for helping me keep focused on the breath and including the alternate nostril breathing. I wish you would do some 60 minute practices in this series. (-:
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Beth Thank you for the feedback! Ahh... yes. Its all about the breath. :)) I'll consider some 60-minute flows for next time!
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Wow! This is the sequence for me. Thank you for sharing!
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This was a very soothing series of poses.
I love these moon salutations. Feel completely at ease and deeply peaceful! Thank you Linda.
Linda! I've watched almost all your classes and love them! When will we get some more from you?!
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This was a beautiful evening practice. Now a little sitting practice... then bedtime... mmmmmm ... thank you.
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Kate what a lovely way to end your day :)
You are awesome, Linda.
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