Move to Meditate: Grounded and Stable
Lydia Zamorano

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Shawnee Thank you. :) Happy you enjoyed it.
Thank you so much Shawnee xo
What a beautiful practice creating a peaceful start to my day. The pace was just right for me, thank you for reminding me to be present. Doing 30 minute sessions means I do them more often. 😃
Hi Senada I agree with the 30 minute sessions. Love to you.
Such a beautiful, grounding practice, Lydia. Blessing on you and on all new life!
Thank you so much Kate We are feeling so blessed. Love to you!
Thank you. Great way to start my day. Prompted me to slow my mind and work on my mindfulness.
Thank you Kit Glad we could slow down together. Love. Lydia Zamorano
I feel so lucky to have this gifted teacher here in my living room when I wake up for practice ;)
Kelsey hiiiiiiiii! See you in July! Love you and love we're practicing together. xoxo
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