30 Minute Yoga Flows: Energy Flow
Sarah Beston

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Hi Megan! This is all so wonderful to hear and I totally agree with you - a focus on the breath is the way that I quiet my mind as well. So happy to hear and please stay close! All the very best, Sarah
As always, great start to our day. Thanks Sarah
Have a wonderful day Kit & Dee Dee ! Happy to be practicing together!
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Loved incorporating the arms with the Warrior II flow! Thank you
Hi Leah, I am so happy you liked incorporating the arms! Wishing you a beautiful day and thanks so much for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime!
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Another delightful class. I love the way you incorporated different elements of Qigong!💖
Happy New Year, Diane! So glad you enjoyed this class! All the best, Sarah
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Very beautiful practise. I love your style of teaching, thank you very much xxx
Delighted to be practicing together here, Edyta! Thank you for the note and please keep me posted on how your practices are going! Warmly, Sarah
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