Start Yoga: Practice 3: Lengthen & Release
Alana Mitnick

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I found this one quite challenging but adapting on what I can do. I really love your classes, I stay on some several days to learn it well 
Hi Karina! So delighted to be practicing together. Yes, staying with same practice/day can be super helpful. I look forward to hearing how the remaining days and lessons are working/feeling for you. Stay in touch! Warmly, Alana 
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hello, i cannot really do the triangle pose, meaning that i have difficulies stretching the front lag. when i try to stetch it, the leg trys to brend spontaneously. not only i have to put a lot of effort tring to keep the pose, but also it kind of heart (not so much). do you have any suggestion on how i can make it better? on how I can make the lag more flexible in this way? thank you in advance-
Hello Fausta, Thank you so much for your comment. Great questions! Notice how it feels to allow your front leg to bend. This requires less of the hamstrings, which are most likely tight. Where are you placing your bottom hand? You might try to bring your hand up higher on your bottom leg. One of my favorite way to prepare for Triangle to open the hips and hamstrings is to find Triangle my BACK with the Strap in this variation: . Let me know how this works for you! Warmly, Alana 
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Hi Alana, I am really getting back into yoga with your course and also am doing some of your senior yoga. My poblem is restricted hsoulder movement so triangle
is always difficult.Are there any alternatives to get my shoulders moving without strain. Right now as I cannot stretch out my arm I am keeing one arm behind my back so my shoulder at front opens up. is this ok?
Hi Jane, I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying this course and getting back into Yoga! Great questions... yes, there are modifications for every yoga pose! The key is to explore  a safe range of movement without strain or pain. In Triangle, try placing your bottom hand on a chair and your top hand on your hip (rather than reaching up to the ceiling and straining).  What would it feel like to hug your shoulder blades together to help open the chest?Focus on lengthening your torso and side body while gently rotating your ribcage upwards. Mostly importantly, trust your body and make adjustments so that it feels good and spacious inside.  Let me know how this feels. Love, Alana 
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Alana, brilliant, many thanks. stay safe....x from Wales UK
Jane, you're so welcome! Stay close and keep me posted on how your practice is feeling and evolving. Love, Alana 
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I am loving all the poses. I am new to yoga transitioning from bikini fitness athlete to something more gentle and kind. My favorite so far must be the wind shield wipers.
Wonderful, Karen! I am so glad that you are enjoying your Yoga. I agree, windshield wipers might be my favorite move on the planet these days. Moving gently with awareness can be so powerful. Thank you so much for being here! Please keep me posted with any questions or insights along the way. Love, Alana 
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