Aligned With Breath: Deep Quiet Hips
Margi Young

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Vanessa Thanks for chiming in Vanessa! So glad you practiced with me!
This practice was a gift for my stiff hips and bossy brain. Much thanks. You are amazing. 
Aw, thanks so much. Glad we are practicing together!
Margi - thank you so much! The word  "sumptious" came to mind throughout this lovely practise - I loved the finasana and will be including it again - real soothing.
Have a beautiful day!
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MichelleThanks so much!. We need sumptious, that's for sure! Hope all is well and love and peace back at you! Margi
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Thank you Margi. I love this too. I have hard time to bring my foot on my thigh,,, I have to ask you about modify version.... Maybe my ankle is super stiff!! See you on the next video.
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