Good Morning Yoga: Good Morning Quickie
Alana Mitnick

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Feel so much better after this! Great sequence that covers lots of areas in a short period of time. Especially love the swinging hand low lunge :)
Wonderful, Alice! So delighted to hear that you enjoyed this "quickie" practice. xoA
Great to hear, Andrew. You are dedicated! Good balance. Enjoy, Alana
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Perfect little practice today!
Hi Rachel! So glad you got your practice in! Have a wonderful day. xoA
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Thank you!!
Hi Laura M! So glad you got your practice in! May it carry your through your day with energy and ease. Love, Alana 
Great! Thanks, Alana!
Good Morning Sandra Ž! So delighted that you enjoyed this "quickie!" I am so inspired by your dedication. Wishing you a wonderful day. Love, Alana
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I get in a right mood if I don’t practice with you in the morning! This morning I have been running around with errands- this is the perfect quickie! Many many thanks!
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