Yoga for Our Nature: Immune Booster
Melina Meza

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my pleasure and wishing you much health in the midst of all the swirling!
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Melina--My friend and I started doing your yoga classes on this site together (via FaceTime) at the beginning of our state's stay-at-home order. Your classes have been essential to us in riding our the waves of the pandemic. I have deepened my yoga practice thanks to you. With big gratitude!
Thank you so much for writing and your sweet note. I love that you and your friend are finding ways to be together in your own space with YOGA! So sweet. I'm not sure if you've seen the invitation for the LIVE 5-day Summer Challenge I"m doing next week? If you're free...tune in for some NEW MOVES M-F 10:30-11:30am June 22-26. 

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Thanks for the great practice, Melina!

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Wow! This class is so, so good. Just the right amount of challenge and care. I felt a bit under the weather starting it, after some very intense long work days and little sleep. In the midst of this pandemic, I feel particularly in need of all the immune boosting available - and your class just felt like a warm, soothing wrap for my whole system. I feel more awake, more alert and can feel my body doing its work to fight off an impending cold and the fatigue. Love your advice to get some good sleep, too. I will take it slow today and might come back to this class again and again over the coming days to help me stay healthy. Thank you!!!
You are welcome Sibylle! I appreciate you watching!!! If you like this might like some of the slow flow type in my Fall Challenge as well. ( :  Take care!
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