Freedom Yoga Immersion: Five Steps of Meditation
Erich Schiffmann

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This was the best set up for meditation I've experieinced. Thank you so much.
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Thank you for this talk. I have been needing a better set up to get into meditation more easily. These steps helped me very much!
Thank you, Amber! So glad it was helpful for you.
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Wow, incredibly deep practice, thank you
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Much deeper the second time around ❤️🙏
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Wow. just wow.... "practice being still/motionless, without HOLDING yourself still", "conscious immobility", "misalignments will begin to show up...fix them," So many wonderful insights. This is really the most incredible guidance in meditation I've ever heard. Loving the series so far. You are a gift, thank you! 
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New learning, thank you
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