Yoga Nidra: Multidimensional Being
Kristin Leal

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Meat suits! I laugh each time. 

My former student, who is now a professor at Michigan State, calls us "meatbots". He writes about the " VR metaverse", but I joked we should call it the mettaverse instead, free from materialism. 

Totally dug (again) the concept of the field of awareness. How does yoga thought connect to Freud's id/ego/super ego? 

I lost sleep; this meditation helped me recover some energy for a yoga practice. 

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hahahaha David Goldstein love it! I'm so happy you are digging these practices! Yes I've heard many teachers talk or link some of the work from Freud to Yoga philosophy. Also Jung makes a heavy imprint on some of the Yoga Nidra practices. Check out Anodea Judith's work!
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Thanks Kristin: which book do you recommend?
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David Goldstein Eastern Body Western Mind is a great place to start:)
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I listened to an hour walking and riding my bike indoors. So interesting as map for the body and psyche. 
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