Vibrant Flow: Taking Flight
Rosemary Garrison

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I loved this practice. My legs were definitely engaged! I can do the head stand (just learned recently at age 57) and I have strong legs, but have trouble with back bend. I’m almost there, but it frustrates me. Any words of advice would be appreciated.❤️
Thank you, Tonia ! (Apologies for delay, I've been navigating the wildfires in CA.)
Amazing that you just learned headstand. Brava! I hear you regarding backbends- they can be very challenging poses. I would LOVE to help, I wish we would be in the same room live together! Without knowing a lot more... I suggest you continue working with the backbends you are most comfortable with. Meet your edge within the pose and really breathe into it. Repeat a few times and see if you find a little more space, strength, opening- whatever is needed. If you're able, take note of where the "limitation" is. Do you need more shoulder flexibility, upper body strength, flexibility in the spine, etc. And then... use the rest of your practice to cultivate that. If you have any more specific feedback about these poses or questions as you work with this, please reach out! 
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Hi Rosemary, I loved this session & will come back to it regularly ! A super balancing & strengthening workout! It is mostly about the shape of the asanas for me but I also appreciate the mystical 😊 touches you incorporate  into all your classes! Many thanks as always.......
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sweet, very sweet, Rosemary! Many thanks! (And my hips appreciated the little stretch-release break you programmed within the sequence!)
Thank you, Catherine . I'm touched to hear you resonate with the mystical touches. That aspect of the practice is infinitely compelling to me! Such a joy to share it all. 
Thank you, Kate . So happy your hips were happy. ; ) 
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Great practice!! Thank you so much!
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Rosemary! I joined you in a headstand today (supported by the wall.) Your steadfast support provides a safe place for me to explore in my practice. Amazing how this translates via the internet. Thank you. I appreciate you!!!
That's amazing, Julie S !!! Thank you so much for sharing this. It's such a joy to practice together- in any form. Xxo
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That was a beautiful ending to this dynamic and energy shifting practice. I struggled with balance in that cool way to transition to warrior 3. Look forward to doing that again. Lot of work stress burned up tonight. 
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