Dynamic Flow: Inner Motivation Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti I was part way through this again when you commented!  Yep, still a great practice and one i will do again for sure.  I wobbled and fell so much during those balancing poses.   Love the challenge and your support in these videos!  
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I’ve been doing this class over and over... can’t get enough of that! Thanks Robert! I was finally able to go all the way to the end, hard one!
Ana Luiza  !! Congrats on getting to the end to finish - you mentioned earlier how tough it was to get through, so happy for you!! Thanks so much for sharing here and 'see' you soon!! 
Awesome to hear Corinne M ! Hopefully my reply during your practice didn't take you out of balance :)) Happy Holidays to you and yours - here's to a happy and healthy 2021!! 
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Loved this! thank you!
You got it Bara S  - my pleasure!! Have a great day! 
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WOW!  I loved it, except for a few moments when I didn't love it...good to have had the mantra to go back to.  One day I will be able to do fast mountain climbers....
Hey there Kira C !! Thanks for sharing your comment here! So happy the mantra was helpful - fast or not fast, the fact that you're 'climbing' and practicing is what counts if you ask me :)) Good job sticking with it!  
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