The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feeling Held and Centered
Kira Sloane

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love this practice  :))
Fabian H, so good to see you this morning.  Xok
Loved the strong feeling of prana in my palms after the bridge sequence when our arms became flowers.  💕🙏
Susan R wonderful!!! My teacher Erich first suggested that connection. So magical. Xo k
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Adored this theme. Tension as a way of being held. Trust as a way of being held. Faith from experience as a way of being held x Beautiful x
Amanda P, LOVE! xok
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🙏🏻 Such a beautiful practice thankyou Kira xx
Julia H, thank you for connecting. xok
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perfect start to my friday morning  :))
What a delicious and easy way you have of talking as if you were physically in the room :)  Loved that your unique energy shone through and felt really chilled and thoughtful.  Thank-U x
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