Dynamic Flow: Core-Focused Vinyasa Flow
Robert Sidoti

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I love all your core practices, I  feel energized, stretchecd and at peace.  Blessings for an awe-filled and peaceful holiday📯🌸🌾
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fun way to start my day.   challenging!   happy holidays!  :))
Hi Joan J !! Happy Holidays to you and yours - see you on the mat again soon!! 
Hey hey Fabian H !! Happy Holidays and almost New Year - here's to a healthy and happy 2021!! 
I decided to do this class as the first of 2021. Hope for you and everybody peace and good health
Happy New Year Francesca V !! I'm honored to been a part of your new years practice - thanks for being here and for sharing!! 
Thanks Robert, another great class...I'll have to try this shakin thing someday.  I will report back to you and all how it went:))
Love love love all your lessons. Amazing. Thank you so much. 
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