Get a Backbone: Fluid in the Spine
Kate Smith

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Jenna you have made my day ;)))) !! I'm so glad the practice was helpful. And I feel the EXACT same way...As a vinyasa flow teacher, I find that most of the time what I need is not a fast and sweaty flow class, but a class that reconnects me and brings me back to HOME to center. The altar of the yogi is the spine....We carry our altar with us wherever we go. Thanks for taking the time to comment. So glad to have cosmically practiced with you. Abounding LOVE coming your way.
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Oooooh... so lovely. A very meditative practice, bringing the attention right into the mystery we inhabit.
Kate ....What a LOVELY comment. I feel the same way. For me, there is nothing like going deep into the spine. Wonderful to practice with you. Abounding LOVE coming your way.
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Kate, that blew me away. The rebounds! Oh my, that's the good stuff. So many lessons in twenty minutes. The silence in down-dog was peaceful. Glad to attend this class, and I need to incorporate these movements each day for all the reasons you mentioned. 
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Thanks David Goldstein !! You are on a roll these days with your yoga practice! Proud of you! Thanks for the inspiration and all your comments!! I'm sure your body is so grateful for all this self-care....
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Yes, 10 months steady practice. I love exploring; spent thirty years creating bike routes and leading friends around NJ and NY. Now, I get to follow. Also, been thinking a lot about the yoga sister comment. I like that. Treating people like family is perhaps the meaning of life? Best, yogabro
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Agreed, David Goldstein. Yoga Family. I know that was the intention of this website. Erich Schiffmann used to say that when we see a person, we should try to make the first comment in our head "Brother" or "Sister" - before our minds get wrapped up in judgements. I love that. 
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