Gentle Yoga: Gentle Unwinding
Alana Mitnick

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Enjoyed the calm relaxing sensation with the sea sounds. I realised I am very stiff and my body does not want to stretch and bend into some of these positions. Hopefully more practice will help that.
Ashleigh C, It's so lovely to hear from you. Thank you for being here and sharing your insights and observations. I can totally relate... and I find that the "gift" is in realization itself... meeting yourself right where you are, and with as much compassion and room as possible.  I continually find that my body changes and opens with a more regular and consistent practice. I also find that warm showers or baths can help to relax the muscles before Yoga. Stay close and keep me posted on your journey. Warmly, Alana  
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Sara S, So lovey to practice together! xoA
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So ready for the day. Thank you
Wonderful, Sara S! May your practice support and nourish you throughout the day. Love, Alana 
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I really needed this today, Alana. Thank you!
Rachel S! So glad that you took time for yourself and enjoyed this gentle practice. It's always so refreshing to see your comments and feel your presence here. Love, Alana 
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Love the sound of the waves, so inviting to let go
Sara S, Ahhh yes, the winter waves were huge that day! They almost put me to sleep during filming, lol. Thank you for being here and joining me in Yoga. Love, Alana 
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