20 Minute Yoga Flows: Fluid Spine Flow
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
Hey there Sarah M  - YOU are brilliant :)) Thanks for being here!! 
Hi Kira C !! Nice to 'see' youuuu here! I'm happy you enjoyed the practice! 
Hello Layla T  - Nice to see you, happy you are here! Thanks for your sweet comment, see you again soon I hope! 
I'm very thankful for you Kate M ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours up there in Canada, such a beautiful country!! All my best, Robert
My son Elliot loves your practices. I'm thinking of becoming  a yoga teacher and will investigate a training course. Any advice? Namaste.
Thanks @robertsidoti for this lovely sequence and the Nordic such-and-such 🙂!
Love it - so relaxing
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