Wake Up with Yoga: Awake and Focused
Birgitte Kristen

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Wow, I am certainly sweating but feel balanced and focused. Thanks so much Birgette!
Laura M Hi Laura, That is a good feeling! This practice was a little harder for sure. So happy to hear that you feel balanced and focused...nice way to start the day. Thank you for your feedback. Warmest, Birgitte
Wonderful practice, Birgitte! I really loved doing it! Kind regards!
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Sandra Židan Hi Sandra, Great to hear! Warmest, Birgitte
Strong and steady practice for me.  Perfect way to start this busy week .. thank you! 
Dear Monica, That is so great to hear. The holidays can be so stressful...yoga to the rescue! Thank you for practicing with me. Warmest, Birgitte
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I think this was a good wake up time
Lillian M  Hi Lilian, Great to hear. Thank you for practicing with me. Namaste, Birgitte
I did this right after your hip opening class and I feel fabulous!
Caroline S Hi Caroline, Wonderful to hear! I am so happy to know that you are practicing with me on this platform. Warmest, Birgitte
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