Kundalini Rising: Raise Your Vibration
Kara Looney

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your energy so lovely  and i really adore your cue
Chanya T so wonderful to hear from you 🙏 thanks so much - happy you enjoyed class!
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Kara: had been crazy busy, so to have the time to come back to this season. Your shoulders must be wicked strong. The Charlie Angel's hold... wow... shoulders are sore. I did feel the vibrational shift as well. 
David G- thanks for your note!! It’s interesting how these long holds are more about strengthening the nervous system than they are about muscular strength. Muscles play a role, but it’s more about maintaining calm in the mind, body and breath… this all strengthens the resolve of the nervous system and shifts how activated we are by things .. it’s powerful work! Happy to know you felt a shift!
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Love your response. Look forward to dropping in on Zoom soon too. 
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