Yin Yoga and Mythology: Saraswati Yin
Kelly Kamm

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Thank you for telling Saraswati's story! I think I've been seeking a personal goddess for years, and she just absolutely is it. My yoga teacher confirms that she's the perfect Ishta Devata (personal deity) for me. I'm a musician, and I met my artistic husband in school while studying poetry. I work in tech now but am focused on knowledge management and am seeking to bring creativity and organization to my organization. She's just perfect.
Thanks, Kelly, for this beautiful yin practice! I've enjoyed doing it! Kind regards!
I loved this so much Kelly. Thanks for being the inspiration for me to let myself drop into story and myth, and allow it to inform my day. Warmth and care, Lydia 
Lydia Zamorano oh wow, thank you!!! I love your classes so much! You are magnificent
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Sandra Židan Thanks! Big hugs to you!
Rosanna S I love it when a story really lands like that. Thanks for telling me! Wishing you lots of love and creativity
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I came for the Yin (yes I must do more). I stayed for the story! So lovely. Thank you!
I love that the practices are reflective of the deity and their story, and I am even OK that some of the practices reflect some of the hard things in the lives of these deities, because life pushes us into hard places sometimes; and the point is not to sugarcoat or avoid, but to cultivate greater ease and resilience. 

That said, of all the characters to whom you've introduced us, Saraswati is my hands-down pick for inviting over for a meal and a song.  
Loved this practice. Like the energy of the universe flowed me right to this practice today. When I slow down, stop pushing, and allow ease things start making sense. I loved this practice and the mythology. Combined everything that I love so easily. What a wonderful discovery and new teacher I have found. Thank you!
Viveka and the image of the swan will stay with me a long time…. Thank you for this lovely practice 🦢 💗 
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