Grounded Joy: Steady Standing Sequence
Lydia Zamorano

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Kelsey Just love you. xo
Oh Lyds! I miss you, kitten! Had to comment as today I did handstand and Pincha without touching the wall for the duration for the first time! (You know this is a big deal for me...the wall is my little security blanket) Putting this class in the vault, as I suddenly feel 20 again! (maybe I even get ID'd buying wine today...wait a sec, 20 year olds don't drink wine, Gahahahaha!!) Thank you, doll. Big kisses and laughs from Golden
Suzanne Miss you too!!! That really makes me smile thinking of you flying in arm balances and getting ID'd :) I really have to come and visit soon!!! Thanks for making my day. LOVE you so much! L
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