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The class I tried really pepped up my home practice!
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Robbie ~ Thank you for your forum post! We are very happy to hear that our videos have helped your home practice. Keep up the good work!
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Amber ~ We are glad that you are enjoying both Pilates Anytime and Yoga Anytime. At this time we don't have any deals for subscribing to both, but we will let you know if we ever do have a deal like this!
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Is there any way to download the app to Apple TV? I usually get an option to broadcast from my iPad, but I don't see that option on these. Would like to be able to see it more comfortable on a bigger screen.
Is there a way to set it up so that chapters will flow one to another without having to click "play" each chapter?
Hello, I am new to yoga anytime, as well as yoga. I am a total beginner, who needs to really focus on self forgiveness. Any tips on which practices would be good to start with?
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Dearest Darci, so glad you are here.

In the Beginner's Center, you can find a selection of shows designed for you.

To assist in the practice of self forgiveness, you might find the practices in Season 1 of Heartful helpful.

This simple practice "The Breath Loves You" might be good medicine.

Season 3 of Yoga Love with Melody Moore has a lot of practices for Self Compassion.

Let us know
Hi I just signed up for trial ! I have never done any yoga so I couldnt fill out my preferences because I dont know the terminology yet! I am 56 walk a little but am very stiff all over but especially in neck area! Not sure where to start, how often to do yoga etc. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi there Bonnie!

Welcome! So glad you are here!

These are the shows I recommend starting with.
Too Tight to Stretch
Welcome to Yoga

Both shows assume no yoga experience, move at a slower pace and offer lots of episodes specifically for the neck and shoulder area. If you don't feel a connection to any of these teachers or practices, connect in and we'll keep trying to make a match for you.

Love Kira
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