Yoga for Depression: Gratitude Meditation
Denise Antonini

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You are welcome Sam and Linda Baffa! I find gratitude meditation so helpful in keeping me grounded. I am happy you benefited from it! Love and light, Denise
lovely beautiful thank you
You are most welcome Catherine ! Thank you for your dedication to your practice.
Beautiful loving kindness meditation. Your sweet and gentle voice touched my heart ❤️
Thank you for sharing Jenny!
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What a beautiful way to start the day. I'm definitely going to make this  gratitude meditation a morning practice ~ Namaste
Thank you for your feedback  Bridgid! Grateful for your presence. 
Thank you. I needed this today.  Your comment that the universe does not mistakes was thought provoking in the practice and afterwards. 
You’re welcome David Goldstein. Whenever you need some space, your breath is there waiting for you to drop in. Wishing you well, Denise 
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