Welcome to Yoga: Building Strength to Open
Kira Sloane

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I've been practicing yoga for about 20 years and started by picking up Erich Schiffmann's book as my intro. I regret never doing a yoga teacher training with him when I was younger because my parents live in Santa Barbara! I'm so thrilled to find your intro to yoga teachings here as a reminder of the basics and in his style but better in so many ways. Your understanding of yoga really calls to me. Thank you so much for offering it!
Rosanna S, I also wish you had gotten to study with Erich in Santa Barbara! He is the best. We are all hoping he will "unretire."  Sweet to be meeting you here. xok
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He really is, Kira. I at least got to do a Freedom Style Workshop up here in Oakland a few years ago.
Thank you. You really slowed down my mind and in the deep lunges I could touch both hands behind the back. Stoked!    Dug the "goal" and "play" clarity. I love the shoulder drops and the gooey neck suggestion. 
Dear Kira, I have been really struggling with the bottom arm in cow-faced arms but your cur of pressing shoulder back as you bring elbow forward really helped and already made progress from where I was, there seems to be so much more space in my back so thank you :)
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