LEVITYoga: Opening Sequence<br>Peter Sterios

LEVITYoga: Opening Sequence
Peter Sterios

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Pauline K
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Good morning peter!great way to start the day.so glad to have these videos!
Peter Sterios
You're welcome. I am shooting Season 2 next week which will bring 10 more episodes on line in 3-4 months.
Sarah S
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Peter, for those of us with cervical disc herniation, what modifications would you recommend? In particular, I'm concerned about the head rolls about 20 minutes in. I'd be nervous to roll toward the back of my neck. By the way, the shoulder stretches are great, even for my shoulder that sustained rotator cuff injury 3 years ago. One of my students with wrist issues had trouble with them, but we think we have devised a work-around for her.
Kira Sloane
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Hi Sarah, great question and I also look forward to what Peter has to say. Also, his second season offers so many amazing openings and strengthening exercise for all around the shoulders. xok
Peter Sterios
Hi Sarah,
Working with neck issues requires exceptional sensitivity and patience, working even slower or softer where you meet resistance or stiffness in the neck, using gravity in lieu of muscular force to create movement. I have personally experienced working with many conditions of the neck (osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, numbness in the hands, and reverse cervical curvature). All of these conditions have inspired my approach to rehabilitating the neck. It's important to work slowly and patiently. Error on the side of doing too little instead of too much. If you are consistently gentle both physically and psychologically with the exercises, you will see results. That said, I am not a medical doctor, and would recommend you seek medical advice as needed.
North F
Frederic M
Thanks Peter. I loved the shoulder stretches!
Caroline B
So perfect, thank you
Peter Sterios
Vahid Hi Vahid, glad to hear you found these videos helpful.
Peter Sterios
Vahid You're welcome... The Opening Sequence (and slight variations of it) has been a staple for the beginning of my practice for over 10 years, and it still amazes me how effortless it makes the dynamic practice which follows.
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