Wait for It: Meet Yourself with Ease
Kira Sloane

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This practice always helps me to "slow down." Thank you again!!
I am good Kira, how are you???
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That was utterly blissful! I have very stiff hips and my lower back is a constant pain- this has left me loose and so relaxed. Thank you!
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Dee, I am so happy to hear about these successful results! Great job showing up for yourself. xok
Ahhh... Always such a treat to do this practice:) Thanks Kira!
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Lovely sensation!! Felt so good! 🌷
NADIA, thank you for being here. xok
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I'm discovering yin yoga thanks to you, and it's really bringing me joy! Thank you so much for such a wonderful practice!

Soukayna, isn't it a great practice? So happy you two have met. It was my gateway into being able to sit still! Haha. xoK
That felt great. One question: when in the twisted Garuda pose what’s more important? To have the legs/knees touching the floor or the opposite shoulder?
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Dearest Christel, neither is more important. Play with letting each be heavier at different time. xok
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