Yin Yoga: Soften and Listen In
Kira Sloane

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The tyranny of flat back and symmetry! Chuckle. The quad and knee bend is super hard, but I know I need to do this with squats daily. Love the back bend and all of your guidance! Namaste!
David Goldstein, great to see you here! Do be easy and gentle. The knees do not like to be powered through. Mobility is not an end game.  Love hearing about your experiences.
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Thanks Kira! I started doing P90x again, so I will be Yinning a lot! Also, thanks for the link from the previous session. Inner awareness is endlessly fascinating as a neophyte. Forgot to mention that your comment about connective tissue (fascia?) from the feet to the mouth was Uber interesting. I lauged at your okeydokeys, and I agree about frozen knees. Pain is information! I am an intense student, so my experiences will be rather frequent. feel free to just “like” what I write!!!
That was absolutely wonderful!  Thank you so much!
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Julie Bell V, thank you for being here. xok
I have done yin yoga before. But this is at another level of subtlety. There is also much more variety than I earlier experienced. So grateful for this practice and YogaAnytime in general. Just a small thing: in the half-hero pose, you mentioned that one might face resistance in some joints, but did not include the ankle, which, for whatever reason, was my stiffest one.
Sumana Ramanan D, great point about the ankle joint! So glad you are here. xo K
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