Relaxation Takes Practice: Delicious and Deep Restore
Leeann Carey

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Ben: lso, some people do well with relaxing music played in the background, an eye bag placed over the eyes to block out the light, &/or doing a breathing practice before Final Relaxation or Savasana. If I have misunderstood your ?, please let me know so I can accurately address your inquiry. Thx for taking the time to ask more about restorative yoga. Love, Leeann
Thank you again, your comments are so so helpful. It is good to know this as it helps with understanding a more complete yoga perspective. Many thanks.
You're very welcome. Sorry for the responses in three sections. My response was long-winded so I had to split it up! :)
Wonderful class. Thank you. I placed an eye pillow onto my eyes, and I really could explore the four areas of breathing. The straight line in the twist from the chest to the hip felt wonderful. I am looking forward to further experiences with your classes.
Thank you, Silke. So glad to hear you are dropping into the yoga space that a restorative yoga practice so uniquely offers. XO
beautiful practice. thank you!
Solid restorative practice! Thank you!
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