Keepin` it Real: Strong, Full-Body Flow
Robert Sidoti

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I really enjoy your sequences. Once I've learned them, I can use your tutorial moments to hold a pose a bit longer or repeat the flow. So glad you are back for another season.
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Too. Much. Talking.
Not enough yoga.

Thanks for your comments YogaReadRun and Erika H!
Glad you're enjoying YogaReadRun and I'm happy to be back!
Erika H, thanks for your honest comment :) Always a tricky or delicate dance as an instructor to find that balance where you're able to fully express your thought's or give clear and concise cues to help the practitioner learn more, AND allow for more flow, moving from pose to pose without too much talking. It's a discussion we have at YA and something I'm always working on. So again, thank you both for your comments, very good to hear from you and gives me an opportunity to learn and grow!!
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Aw, Robert, that was so sweet that I feel bad about my grumpy face. I enjoy your videos! And, I value symmetry in my practice so much that I'm sensitive to long pauses on one side. I appreciate how much of YOU shines through in your teaching. With respect and gratitude, and sheepishly, I wish you namaste.
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As a trainee yoga teacher I appreciate your explanations but goodness me I find press ups with blocks, or lets be honest, any press ups hard. I keep trying though.
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It was a very nice video, but I think that there was too much verbal input and I felt it interfered with the natural flow of the sequence. 
Hello there Erika :) 3 years later, but I wanted to acknowledge your response. I wish you Namaste as well and appreciate always yours and everyone else's input and feedback! Hope you're doing well and still with us here at Yoga Anytime! All my best, Robert
Hi Susan !! How are you?! Your comment was posted a year ago - I'm super late in responding to say the least! :) Agreed, press ups, push ups etc can be very difficult - but a very valuable strength to work toward for sure. How have you progressed since your post? Are you a full time teacher now? 
Debbie ! Hi and how are you today?! Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate your feedback! If you read my response to Erika above, you'll get a sense of where I'm coming from. Always a tricky thing, especially when teaching to 'who knows who' on the other side of the camera, how much verbal cueing one needs or doesn't need. So thank you tons for sharing how you feel, we learn from these comments! With tons of gratitude, Robert
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Hi Robert.  Was it really a year ago?  Rest assured I can now do plank much better and have two classes of my own running now - a chair yoga class for those with less mobility and an evening Iyengar/Hatha class.  I am still doing your classes whenever there is a new one available.  Happy Christmas as we say in Britain. (you can't take the Christ out of Christmas as you do in the States)!
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